Finally, an answer to...

  • Where are we focusing our thinking in relation to our specific objective?
  • How does our focus compare against the ideal for team effectiveness?
  • Are we operating at our maximum potential?
  • What’s working well and what’s slowing us down?
  • What adjustments or realignments do we need to make?
  • How has our team's performance improved in the last quarter?


Jumpstart Your Team's Productivity and more importantly, maintain it. 

The Whole Brain® Team Dashboard is a quick diagnostic that generates powerful discussion and practical impact by helping your teams evaluate what they are focusing on and what they may be missing, all from a Whole Brain® perspective:

  • 10-minute, 37-question diagnostic evaluating the team’s operational state
  • Reveals individual perspectives about the team’s focus in each of four Whole Brain® areas that contribute to team effectiveness
  • Allows you to quickly evaluate and analyze team members’ perceptions, repeatedly over time
  • Accompanying workshop provides opportunity to discuss results
  • Can be repeated throughout the teambuilding process to uncover and compare shifts in team focus 

An ideal complement to the HBDI® Team Profile, the Whole Brain® Team Dashboard provides you with another layer of analysis while giving team members a neutral place to voice their opinions and contribute their ideas on “what we do now” and “where we think we should be.”

With the ability to explore future opportunities and the implications of the tasks the team will need to carry out going forward, it’s a perfect tool for making sure everyone is geared up and ready for what’s ahead.

Take the power of the HBDI® Team Profile to the next level by getting this top-down view of how the team views its objectives.


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