Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® can shave years off of integration efforts.


70%+ of mergers fail to return shareholder value

Mergers and acquisitions can paralyze productivity. While people are adjusting to their new roles, what’s happening to your bottom line?

Using the HBDI® and Whole Brain® Thinking, managers can speed up integration, increase innovation, and avoid the dip in productivity following a merger or acquisition.

How Herrmann Can Help


Uncover Gaps

Use Herrmann’s methodology and tools to help people become better leaders and managers, create a more comprehensive change vision, build culture of positive feedback, and depersonalize conflict.

Flexible Methodology

Our proprietary model for quick, productive and aligned communication works one-on-one, during team brainstorming, and for ad hoc hallway conversations.


Implementation at Scale

We’ll show you to create a shared language, a common culture, and an internal operating system that’s capable of unifying 100 or 100,000 employees.

Herrmann has helped hundreds of
companies through their M&A Integrations.

An acrimonious acquisition drove 70% of the target's managers to quit. Even after the deal finalized, teams from across the Atlantic still hadn’t spoken to one another.
Herrmann trained 300 internal change agents to right the ship, helping realize synergies that increased the share price by 40%. It worked so well it was used for the subsequent $35b spin-out of Mondelez.
Multiple companies were combined around the world to create a single entity. Herrmann was brought in to reverse attrition and increase morale.
Using the Whole Brain® approach, 83% of employees reported making decisions faster and more effectively than ever before. As a result of the integration, the combined companies were 3.5x as valuable.
Herrmann was involved from the beginning, creating internal merger management teams to get everyone speaking the same language.
The result? The merger won strong labor support, drove 8% reduction in staff turnover, reduced operating costs in 40 branches... and cost $10m less than expected.

The Whole Brain® M&A Process

Your teams take the HBDI® assessment and learn about their own biases and defaults

We build your internal capabilities by training internal change agents and managers to steer your M&A integration process using Whole Brain® Thinking

Using Herrmann apps, accelerate integration by getting everyone speaking the same language, share preferences and recognize group blind spots

Overcome M&A disruption, fulfill growth expectations, and leverage a programmatic approach for future M&A success!

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