Experience a new way of thinking.


Talent-driven solutions for a culture of Whole Brain® Thinking.



Cloud-based solution that goes beyond one-and-done tactics

Goodbye, miscommunication

Every day tools provide powerful insights to improve communication, problem solving, and decision making.


Take a deep dive

Interactive features allow you to drill down into your thinking preferences whenever, wherever.

Learning made easy

Fun, engaging microlearning content teach the fundamentals of our Whole Brain® model.


Get engaged

Games and activities test Whole Brain® knowledge and teach practical skills to apply results. 

Make it personal

Journaling activities promote critical thinking around our Whole Brain® model and application of lessons learned.

Empower managers with Whole Brain® Thinking tools to become:
More aware

By identifying default thinking and biases, and how they impact their management. 

By understanding how stress and other factors impact thinking and behavior.

More collaborative

Through better communication, problem solving, and decisions via team’s thinking.

Through becoming more agile in stretching thinking to meet needs of the situation.

More productive

With 40+ years of tools to harness diversity of thought.

With integration into key workflows for ongoing reinforcement.

The Herrmann Platform is regularly updated with enhancements and new features to improve the Whole Brain® Thinking experience.


Actionable insights, readily available

Our suite of reports and analytics tools house the data that powers the Herrmann Platform.  Each report allows deeper understanding and application of Whole Brain® Thinking into the organization.  Gain insights into the thinking preferences of individuals, pairs, or teams to drive better outcomes.

The world’s largest organizations trust Herrmann. Will you?

More than 3 million people from 97% of Fortune 100 companies have used Whole Brain® Thinking to improve productivity, innovation, collaboration, and inclusion.
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