Create a lasting Whole Brain® Thinking experience.

Learn how to shift the focus from the debrief to ongoing application of Whole Brain® Thinking with new digital tools in this video.

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Keep managers and teams engaged long after the debrief.



So what's next?

With our platform’s digital tools teams can take full advantage of their cognitive diversity long after a session or debrief.

Make Whole Brain® Thinking personal

The application tools add more options to your toolbox - ones that allow you to decide your level of involvement and that keep managers and teams engaged with Whole Brain® Thinking every day.


Extend the impact of your investment

The Herrmann Platform's application tools are the perfect solution to keep Thinkers engaged, create a Whole Brain® Thinking culture and continue delivering the benefits of cognitive diversity.

Experience these tools firsthand

Watch the recording of an interactive product workshop led by our Whole Brain® experts.

We'll walk you through best practices for the application tools on the Hermann Platform and extending the impact of Whole Brain® Thinking in your organization.

Watch An Update Video

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HubSpot Video
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